CPC Institute while specifically acting the usage of trade limited to circumscribed as a Consultant / Candidate Contract for educational purposes only, is not required to keep any written records or computerized files of the Candidate[s] having contact with the CPC Institute. With the practice of medicine having been clearly mandated to reflect the full reports to civil/criminal/administrative authorities by a matter of law and in order to justify compensation, the consultants of CPC Institute are completely free of that imposed requirement on treatment practitioners and facilities, to be at the same time Officers of the Court by the federal government/ state government and/or insurance companies who treat the information provided medically to them as wholly owned and proprietary information for indiscriminate distribution and permanently archived in dossier format. This information, obtained for the purposes of treatment, can and sometimes at the discretion of the agency, without informing the patient, be used to be a predicate and foundation to act civilly, criminally, legally, or economically against the individual who was seeking treatment by medical, psychiatric, rehabilitation, psychological, or counseling care.

CPC Institute warrants that it will provide to the limits of technical capabilities and the best of its ability the following conditions of consultation:
  • Secure telephonic communications, email and video teleconferences
  • or do not collect IP address “cookies” from any visitor on the web site or Web beacons or other online tracking technologies
  • Children's Privacy. We are committed to protecting the privacy of children. The Professional Sites are designed and intended for use by adults, nor are they intended for, nor designed to be used by children under the age of 18. We do not collect personally identifiable information from any person we know is a child under the age of 18.
  • No written or digitized notes of the content of educational meetings except receipts for cash registration to CPC Institute
  • No communication with any third party regardless of any “Release of Information” which may be provided at any time in the future or during registration in CPC Institute.
All registration fees are collected by CPC Institute in cash or cash equivalent money orders and are not checks or credit cards. Wire transfers of numbered accounts to SWIFT accounts are acceptable by prearranged instructions between CPC Institute and the Candidates. For additional details see CPC Institute Billing Policies CPCI Consultation Admission Entry Fee.
  • Dates, time, length of consultation is recorded with the amounts of the registration fees collected in permanent recorded documentation.
  • Registration at CPC Institute does not require any form of identification, physical residence address, social security number, passport information or copies, or any utility bills to verify the physical address. It does not require any information about current or previous business activities. It does not require nationality or citizenship status verification.
  • An avatar User Name, Account number and a Password provided to the Registered CPC Institute Candidate is all that is required for the obtaining the account credit to the specific candidate that is registered is all that is required. All reference by teleconference, account, or registration with any service provide will be that user name in the same capacity as chat rooms, blogs, or email addresses.
  • CPC Institute recommends the Candidate purchase a pre-paid cell phone such as CRICKET  with no SIM card or GPS connection with cash for scheduled work with CPC Institute Consultants
  • CPC Institute maintains through VERIZON Blackberry Bold 2 compatible equipment a “push-to-talk” for immediate contact between Consultant/Candidate if they have compatible equipment VERIZON
  • No bank credit card or credit card agency or social security number, physical address, personal or business email account, Employer Identification Number, personal/business registered telephone or cellular phone is requested whatsoever. No personal credit card of the candidate will be used or check or personally registered cell phone at all, unless specifically waivered by the Candidate.
  • For the best private relationship WESTERN UNION provides cash wire transfer with no identification when paying cash. Wire transfer to a SWIFT account is also an acceptable and recommended way of financial transactions.
  • • At Registration to enroll in the CPC Institute a $ 100 -$ 500 originally escrow deposit is made to secure the consideration necessary for the CPC Institute Contract to be controlling and binding. This is fully refundable in the unused portion or entirely with the request of the Candidate at the beginning of the program within 5 (five) business days. This is in compliance with the right of rescission of the Contract with CPC Institute with allowing time for adequate understanding of the full disclosure of the Contract and any and all matters as deemed necessary by the prospective Candidate. Registration for the Full Residential Program will be estimate for 70 (seventy) days with 10 % administration fee with renewal after that every 30 days. The escrow balance may be refunded in unused portion after leaving residential status or applied to ongoing continuing Consultant time.
  • Registration to CPC Institute is on admission to a per individual session basis and payment in full of all services is to be made in cash or cash equivalent or wire transfer before by escrow at the time of service on an ongoing basis. Any remaining balance of the escrow account will be returned at any time to the Candidate at conclusion of enrollment.
  • All charges for Consultant/Candidate time will be by the clock minute and reported to the Candidate at the end of the session with the adjustment to the escrow account. Under the USER NAME, ACCOUNT NUMBER and PASSWORD which CPC Institute assigned to the Candidate. The rate of $ 2.00 per minute is charged and the remaining escrow balance is adjusted.
  • If residential consultation is indicated, and available for CPC Institute, full chartered flights family and staff, full charted private car, and full registration of a suite in four or five star hotel under CPC Institute registration. CPC Institute will provide the facilities to the effect that no financial “footprint” will be left in the city provided. In that instance an escrow deposit for arrangements will be deposited to the escrow in amount commensurate to the services requested by the Candidate.
  • CPC Institute will contract with the Houston, Texas based TEXAS MEDICAL CENTER various medical clinics and hospitals and related area, to provide services. The specific terms and conditions of residential consultation will be arranged on a individual as needed basis.
  •  Around the clock nurses and be provided on that basis in the hotel room as necessary for further support on that basis by CPC Institute.
  • If translation services are necessary, translators for every major language can be provided at the request of the candidate by CPC Institute
  •  Additional escrow deposits for the residential program appropriate to the estimate of gross charges for the 70 (seventy) days of anticipated services provided will be set and receipt secured by CPC Institute prior to beginning the residential program. When there is 40 (forty) days remaining a readjustment of the estimate of next 70 (seventy) days will be made and the escrow account will be adjusted up or down with deposit made 30 (thirty) days after the initial deposit to the escrow account and every 30 day renewal after that. This protocol will secure CPC Institute from any outstanding account balance with any provider.
  • The CPC Institute will charge a 10% administration fee of the gross billings for all residential services provided through CPC Institute administrative staff and facilities.
  • The CPC Institute will refund on request immediately all unused escrow funds from the residential escrow to the Candidate on request or apply them as he/she may desire to escrow continued Consultant time when released from the residential program.
  • The CPC Institute educational consultation does not require a “Duty to Warn”. “Duty to Warn” refers to the responsibility of a counselor, therapist, physician, psychiatrist, psychologist, or treatment facility to breach confidentiality if a client or other identifiable person is in clear or imminent danger. In situations where there is clear evidence of danger to the client or other persons, the counselor must determine the degree of seriousness of the threat and notify the person in danger and others who are in a position to protect that person from harm (Herlihy & Sheeley, 1988; Pate, 1992) as is routinely required by hospitals, doctors, therapists, and psychiatrists acting in the capacity of the doctor-patient treatment relationship by law according to Tarasoff v. Regents of the University of California (1976) } 552 P.2d 334 and under legally required Administration Simplification Title II of HIPAA restricted for treatment practioners and facilities.


CPC Institute
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